Consulting – Concept

The realization of a video message, promotion or advertising, meets design criteria that depend on:

  • Broadcast circuit and mode (sender, format ...)
  • Target (or receiver)
  • Intention (goal)
  • Budget (production, fees)

The creative aspect, concept, length of the final document will be formalized before the shooting, in the form of a precise specification. The Newscope agency provides a simplified framework, a synopsis, a storyboard, a scenario, to meet the requirements of the payer.

The agency will ensure by its consulting services that your audiovisual communication fits into the corporate strategy. Budgets depend on the complexity and demands of production and post-production. From the information video module for your website to feature news, from video advertizing to corporate film, any solution is possible from 1500 to 30000€.

Each proposal is subject to a detailed quote designed to match your objectives.

The efficiency of an audiovisual message depends on the relevance of its original concept